A few years ago, was actually an unattainable dream with laser rejuvenation, how a magical process. Today look younger than their age, every single person. Planning to spend such a procedure, review, features, laser procedures, skin rejuvenation, how to help you make the right decision.

How to get back youthful skin

Before you go you need a specialist, information about you, what you have is of two types, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, especially:

  • non-ablative laser effect;
  • ablative laser effect.

Each one will be:

  • full (flat);
  • part-time (partial).

Both methods have one common feature – a laser operation is performed if the skin is human right, fresh and go "a few years".

During the event, this procedure heats up the human skin, the laser targets the deep layers of the laser beam and the cover, as well as fiber-producing cells (fibroblasts). Laser the "why" exercise, cells and micro-specific layers of the skin more active. Use this method if you need to, post acne, scars, limosa, sagging skin.

It's not the skin when exposed to erbium laser rejuvenation applied for "touching" on the top of a layer of skin, like the wavelength 1550 nm. After the operation, the skin, the effect of which was held "bright", smooth. The skin has a wrinkled face, uneven color, pigmentation has, streamers, post-acne and other this method will help to correct the situation quickly. The effects of the laser beam based on the method of exposure, a long waves because of the effect of the skin stimulates the cells and any effect on the upper layers of the dermis.

The main difference is that the ablative method described above the purpose of, in effect, the laser is done all the skin layers, especially the top and the procedure that is used in the carbon dioxide laser (CO2). Such a method is recommended, and often that thin and small is used to delete wrinkles, fine lines, wrinkles occur around the eyes to get rid of pigmentation, improve skin tone. A strong effect, which refers to the procedure dermis, what favor shapes noticeable skin lifting and leveling effect. Wavelength laser is used in this method, 10600 nm.

The effect of all layers of the skin, a laser beam ablative method of water policy.

Will be a period of rehabilitation after the procedure if you spend more than non-ablative rejuvenation effect imply, just the deep layers of the skin. In either case, the effect of the laser, and liquid water molecules in the skin "the way back" begins after the way the measuring system, which is required for the synthesis of collagen and elastin for skin rejuvenation.

Exposure to violence due to the current condition of each of the methods skin and desired result. Also, select a proper path and only a doctor qualified in accordance with the direction of laser rejuvenation it's a great experience.

Continuous laser exposure exposure and and warranty differences

Need to get a full cover for use in a laser beam skin rejuvenation effects of "flat spot". Flat grinding means a way the epidermis to replace the damaged cells slowly so new. The effect of the treatment of the skin slowly to the Southeast flat (full) in a way that can be understood. About the subject, then the effect of the laser recovers the skin for a long time at the same time, maybe cover the wound the skin surface.

Southeast exposure exposed skin is based on the principle of region-based, i.e., beam on the skin, not the "flat spot", thereby forming a smaller grid. This means that the effect on a small patch of skin, not over the entire surface. Especially in the light of the cover area of approximately 20% over the whole face, but that affect all the people rejuvenation, though, the effect of radiation field splitting.

Laser for skin rejuvenation

Advanced Skin Renewal and represents a view of such exposure, which are not affected the upper layers of the epidermis. In this case, there are a ton of differences with this method in a normal way. Carries out treatment, Photorejuvenation, age spots, photo-aging corrects the appearance of vascular pathologies. Length of the Rays that are used with such an impact, which depends on the type of apparatus to be applied to the procedure, especially.

So in a way, a radiation occurs in the "neglect" of water, i.e. a liquid that does not interact with the beam, but it's perfectly absorbs the hemoglobin and melanin that makes the most effective procedure, especially with vessels and pigmentation problems. Provokes and supports the production of collagen photorejuvenation start, what tightens the skin balance, improves wrinkles, improves skin tone and his voice.

The rehabilitation period is not required then the procedure, anesthesia and the procedure is done. Unscrupulous "expert" not to tell the customers about the methods, Laser Skin Rejuvenation, thus "forcing" available to implement them at this point. Such a process may not be achieved the expected result, even a negative result, i.e., to rejuvenate, to decide, to be addressed only with experienced doctors high quality.