Secrets of facial rejuvenation, home

Facial rejuvenation

What woman wouldn't, how to maintain your youth?

In our view, a young girl — this is, first and foremost ta with a fresh, healthy skin without redness, vascular "star" and age spots, wrinkles and oval face, missing him highly intelligent.

Good, but what about the ones already just celebrated 30., but, maybe, and 40. birthday?

Is there really a way to help restore youthfulness, beauty and unfortunately not the freshness, youthful skin?

Of course, in our article, we effective methods of facial rejuvenation at home.

How to start a beauty facial rejuvenation from the inside

I agree if the "wrong" in terms of recommendations for doctors, lifestyle, no, even the most miraculous tool will not help you.

So, before it's too late to quit smoking, limit alcohol use, (and very desirable if you drink red wine polyphenolic beneficial connections), to start, you follow fitness and nutrition, and proper.

Of course, you know this.

Therefore, let's special recipes: recommended infusions and decoctions during regular practice, to give perhaps an even greater impact, the most effective and expensive you can book a cabin.

The ancients, still to no avail, beauty comes from within.

Home facial rejuvenation: magical tincture

Garlic replenishing balm

To do this, you need to go to the forest rejuvenating apples, enough to buy a large head of garlic, peel and chopped 200 ml and add to clear it. white wine.

The liquid must boil half an hour, then transfer to a suitable pot. Not prozhivaet.

Such a balm of acceptance of a teaspoon, 3 times a day half an hour before meals. Give the Balsam a Dec 3 day a week course and import it again.

Follow in the specified schema, for a month, and then only the skin on the face, but the only body that will be fresh and beautiful.

Rejuvenating wine at home

Alcoholic beverages are not harmful in moderate doses, on the contrary, is useful. Especially red wine. Help it more efficiently clary sage, lavender.

The specified 50 grams of herbs (a pharmacy that sold freely) and pour-liter dry red wine and stir, pots and sheep dark walls.

Insist on drinking, for two weeks, shaking regularly.

The drainage is then required to accept and 30 minutes before a meal 2 times a day. Recommended dosage — 50 grams.

Of course, these recipes are designed for long-term use and will not give you instant impact.

You want to therefore, if the "throw" already after half an hour refreshed and amazed at 5 and 10 years skin, wear a mask. to rejuvenate the options by selecting one of the following.

Mask for face rejuvenation

Lemon + honey for facial skin

To give you try to accelerate cell renewal and skin elasticity mask, lemon and honey. For him, you will need:

  • the yolk of an egg,;
  • a teaspoon of olive oil;
  • a very good liquid honey;
  • a few drops of lemon juice.

First whisk the egg yolks, olive oil, then add other ingredients. The mash obtained apply to face, neck and décolleté and leave to dry.

Facial rejuvenation at home mask with yeast

Dry yeast powder or granule mix with olive oil to form a slurry consistency, which reminds of sour cream.

A single coat of a clean face, apply the mask, leave to dry, then another to impose from above, and then another one (only one layer must be 3). Caused to put an end to a mask such as face to dry completely, takes about 20 minutes, and then wash as usual in cold water.

Also, only one genus of yeast, a mixture of a little milk and leave in a warm place 2-3 hours fermentation.

Why then liquid mask on the skin a few times (which dries in the shortest time first, more later).

This method helps to smooth out wrinkles, softens the skin and the thin substantially.

Nourishing mask, apples, and sour cream

The ingredients you need for this is already listed on behalf of prescribed.

Make the fruit puree, add chopped whether there should be a thick cream, easy to re-apply face. Then apply the mixture and allow it to dry.

This mask nourishes dry skin and enriches it with useful vitamins and acids.

Fast facial rejuvenation

To obtain a property that helps smooth skin and remove fine wrinkles with tomatoes. The dough version of tomato skin (dry — add a little oil), leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse. A quick and effective way.

Helpful tips at home facial rejuvenation

Of course, for the first time in hand to clear a permanent result after salon procedures. If you do, if you decide to renew your own skin, you need to remember:

  • you need to make the mask a regular basis, 2-3 times per week;
  • clean skin then it is recommended to apply nourishing cream.

A special massage technique that helps to prolong your youth and turn back time, which is the master, own, or pseudo facebuilding face, as well as various shells.

In a way, by combining proper and regular skin care for a healthy life, always look good and much younger than her years.