As a way to skin recovery facial rejuvenation laser (review method)

Photoaging skin or to eliminate the symptoms which can increase the applied laser facial rejuvenation and other body parts. The procedure applies the most secure, robust plastic and cosmetic gives the desired result. Laser skin rejuvenation the patient and the price will be a pleasant surprise, under that scheme, exposed skin more cosmetic than other methods.

  • Extract details and procedures
  • The negative side of the hardware laser technique
  • Good procedural aspects and method of use
  • Definition and types of laser facial rejuvenation
  • The read operation
  • Contraindications procedure laser facial rejuvenation
  • Fear of side effects is worth
  • Ordering procedure

The procedure what is laser skin rejuvenation?

the essence, the laser rejuvenation procedure

Skin covers (protecting human body exposure, such as mechanical, physical and chemical factors) in each year, Red innocent, delicate, believe in tomorrow, its flexibility, being closed by the folds and wrinkles, pigment stains visible on the surface, their color becomes pale and a driving tour.

First wrinkles are barely noticeable (often only has one eye) begin to emerge, years later close to thirty or forty, at least the loss of plants, they are deeper and cover all of the skin skin ugly weave. This situation is most often a good quickly grow old, the sad representatives who want sex.

Help aging beauties arrived laser. The horny layer's upper under the influence of laser beams, burning, loss of elasticity, accelerated cell production of collagen and elastin cells and living near the engine. The structural elements of the skin regeneration in areas like this, exposure to the laser beam is exposed. Skin them on the border remains intact.

This process is observed as a result of a significant rejuvenation of the skin, disappearance of small and medium wrinkles, back and even the contours of the face.

Laser burning-burning under the power of the latest generation of devices, even non-surgical face lift, Chin — Double Chin removal laser procedure patients the positive reviews testify to the history on this issue.

Innovation DOT-rejuvenation

DOT-rejuvenation, Cosmetic the latest technology with a new and modern method use. In this procedure, high-performance, progressive spend Him beauty centers and clinics, plastic surgery. This system is a universal tool, the natural biological problems that cause you to struggle with Wilt and connective tissue due to aging Nov.

In this case, laser, DOT-carbon dioxide laser with a specific wavelength for skin rejuvenation an effect that is applied. Over in the Southeast, thanks to the glow of the skin the deeper layers of the laser beam occurs:

  • recovery lymph flow and blood flow;
  • increased production of elastin and collagen;
  • increased connective tissue regeneration;
  • burst of increased skin;
  • melts age spots, veins and arteries knotted compounds.

A dot-effect on the skin rejuvenation machine with thin, I mean, it can be done, the refresh procedure on the eyelids, neck and décolleté. Place, skin sensitivity, pain threshold and intensity of the feeling depends on the device and force sensor actions during the session. It is recommended to apply local anesthesia to the patient during manipulation of rejuvenating comfortable way provided laser effects in 1 place.

DOT-slowly procedure returns a positive result. The first patient observed swelling and redness of the skin because it failed to evaluate the results. Will be visible in just 14 days, best the effect.

Any laser peels

any laser peels

Laser skin rejuvenation is a great alternative to surgical facelift. Several kinds of laser peels can be.

  • Superficial, deformed transport calculated the epidermis (top layer of clothing clothing leather). Smooth uneven skin and ugly age spots rid peels superficial Ile relaxation almost instantly. The procedure for surface peeling machines the most sensitive skin areas: around the eyes, lips, neck and décolleté. The procedures for this type of laser skin sortable sharpening (all kinds), and the vast majority of facial rejuvenation in the southeast (it). Superficial peels are sufficiently traumatic process. Skin a full recovery that happens after a week or two.
  • Median. Such an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells found able bottom (basal) layer of the epidermis. The field effect of the median peeling for problematic skin areas are the face, neck, hands, and neck areas. Effects with varying degrees of severity of wrinkles with the help of his hand crimper remove keloid scars and stretch marks, shallow scars remaining after acne, warts and Papillon, as well as substantially help shape the face, eliminate dark spots. Medium peels can be done in which method the laser beam irradiation of the skin often produced by the fractional lattice of different types of lasers: refresh? neodymium laser, etc because every one of the pros and cons of a different wavelength, tissue penetration depth, and different technical procedures to implement. There are other types of lasers an absolute advantage, nor a device. There is an operating method that is fundamentally different from, the median peeling: dermabrasion pseudo laser. What is this? During Operation, bundles of the skin with laser resurfacing this type of laser beam micro-explosions in the educational teaching takes a large amount of extra energy and thought provoking the inevitable evaporation of texture, baked exposed to laser. Laser resurfacing is performed usually laser resurfacing.
  • Deep. Deep peels are often the most effective methods of laser procedures for "non-surgical lift form": this laser facial rejuvenation machine RF-rejuvenation.

A microprocessor control of the device, given baits and substance-a fairly tight weave bundles forming a refrigerant sends laser beams to the skin.

laser rejuvenation techniques

The method of RF-rejuvenation provides deep penetration of laser rays layers, the epidermis, Ayse exposed to heat exposed to radio frequency energy, thanks to the warming problem occurs a result of body and face dotted the area.

Both techniques — RF and Southeast laser rejuvenation-facial rejuvenation — collagen bundles and the formation of a compression frame that supports some kind of incentive for them to activate the skin regenerative and rejuvenating treatments in the field of laser exposure machines.

The only effect it gives an opportunity for both safety and low procedure trauma to the skin, hands and neck, but also to perform skin rejuvenation around the eyes.

Embossed deep exfoliating softening sufficient to promote laser-Wrinkle, dramatically rejuvenated skin it evens skin tone and creates an effect. As a result, regains finds a woman without plastic surgery.

The biggest advantage techniques, laser rejuvenation RF and their growing impact. After proposed procedures to improve the condition of the skin rejuvenating hairdressing course for six months.

Deep peels Co2 laser can also be produced in the device, however, is sufficient qualified personnel may leave the impact with his hands, deep skin scars, sick, this equipment is frequently used because a plastic surgery scalpel.

Superficial and medium peels procedure, accompanied by a local anesthetic. Applications that require deep laser peeling under general anesthesia in a private hospital.

Peeling is a cosmetic flaw that depends on the complexity of neutral type.

The pros and cons of procedures

Laser rejuvenation, has the following disadvantages:

  • in this way all the wrinkles;
  • processing time when serious flaws in your skin – scars is processed in three time intervals, at least every six months;
  • Pain Procedure;
  • inability to the procedure if you have damage on the skin;
  • prolonged skin recovery;
  • after the process of exposure to sunlight, forbidden;
  • laser the skin with a powerful effect is difficult to endure a lot;
  • cost of living services.

The advantages of laser effect:

  • visible results immediately visible efficiency;
  • versatility – the method is suitable for all skin types. any type;
  • you run the risk of security problems, when all the proposals is minimised;
  • surgical intervention is required.

Methods fractional value mark separately as there are additional benefits. Almost no damage to the skin when it is used and quickly recovers. Quite a large area in a single session that is processed by the fractional method, the epidermis. In addition, the method is safe to use.

Faction grinding for what I need?

fractional resurfacing

Faction applied for in situations do not need to reveal skin rejuvenation laser processing in a wide area of the skin or age spots scars completely, it is sufficient to delete a small.

Fractional erbium laser grinding with the use of a soft accomplish this goal. Manufacturers began producing machines to make medical technology compact Allow of this manipulation in the House.

May meet the approval of some materials found on the internet, reading, Laser Skin Covers the machine itself selects a force effect. This approval may be classified incorrectly because it requires only a qualified personnel to detect the laser beam by the exposure device and which are to apply to the length that covers the skin in which a specific patient.

All the settings and run the laser machine is definitely separately. That must be a hardware expert work certificate and a special laser to a high enough proficiency.

Turning plugins, clinic, and implements necessarily loses information about the levels, IT professionals, best in their participation in domestic and international seminars and conferences.

The read operation

the read operation

Have the ability of the laser technique, refreshes with coping, wrinkles, pigment spots and small injured. Sometimes some women complaints of corruption, especially after laser skin rejuvenation facial how such a technique Southeast. This can be a number of diseases depending on skin type and condition.

Therefore, before you go visit the doctor and dermatologist even better go through a complete inspection procedure.

Readings for laser skin rejuvenation use:

  • moderate expression wrinkles;
  • the presence of irregular coloring or skin blemishes aging;
  • enlarged pores;
  • presence, superficial black dots or streaks that may occur after the wound.

If it is not a contraindication if the process is done already 18 years old. Can you recommend a doctor to spend a single fractional removal and skin imperfections.

What are laser biorevitalization?

Laser skin rejuvenation this skin, hyaluronic acid skin face and body exposed by the deepest layers. Eliminate deep wrinkles and scars without surgery this is a new technology that keeps the interior of the human body is designed for and concentrate.

png" class="img right center_mob block">
  • What is this innovative technique? Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and a sliding amount problematic plot the epidermis, you have to enter clothing clothing with the help of a laser of the skin basal layer.
    The method boils down to non laser biorevitalization-injection hyaluronic acid for the promotion of special.
  • What you need to change the structure of hyaluronic acid, a base initially (almost Polymer) Link? The thing is, the High Molecular Hyaluronic Acid to penetrate the thickness of human epidermis that has the ability, due to their very complex structure, its molecules are very long chains. Configured to be the same acid as low molecular weight, ability, easily penetrate the upper layers of the skin. The effects of short molecular chain to the staple again, the laser beam, turning, hyaluronic acid polymer, which contribute to moisture retention in human skin cells, creating an effect, more often than not, Hair, age-related changes, the skin.
  • The procedure for bio-revitalization applied infrared ("cold") laser, effect, which is different from low density.
    Thanks for the encouragement structured hyaluronic acid laser reaches the lower layers of the skin effortlessly, the filling layers alternately and evenly to overcome it. Leather is heated, and then bio-revitalization starts up and korkmaz UV exposure. This procedure laser bio-revive can be done, even in the summer.
  • The upper layers of skin to deliver hyaluronic acid to facilitate that using a warm compress softens the epidermis is problematic, then, to realize purifying exfoliating easy. Then this startup procedure laser biorevitalization, hyaluronic acid and collagen, special structured machete to cleansed skin, a chemical composition.
    A special spray which is used for laser effects. Not thanks to any pain occurs (patients comments confirm this).
  • Biorevitalization method is laser skin rejuvenation different, faster update, due to the depth of the skin effect that entered the composition of the skin.

Possible effects and hidden danger

Subject to all the rules and you haven't any complications in the user's device that holds a laser rejuvenation is under threat. However, a deviation to avoid any unintended consequences, such as filled with instruction, such as:

  • view varying degrees of burns;
  • education ulcer;
  • dieback skin.

To avoid problematic situations prior to check process, licensing and certification equipment, as well as the beauty of the adequacy of the document. Also, be sure to read the comments Online about the chosen clinic and specialist.

There are contraindications to the procedure, laser facial rejuvenation?

Contraindications for laser facial rejuvenation, of course, there are.

contraindications laser rejuvenation

Here is the list of the most serious ones:

  • Oncological diseases.
  • Any type of diabetes.
  • Disease of the cardiovascular system during the acute phase.
  • Various blood diseases, such his meager clots.
  • Etiology a viral illness colds and high body temperature.
  • Infectious disease.
  • The presence of herpes and herpes rash aggravated in the area of the expected impact zone.
  • Pustular skin rash.
  • At a later date, during pregnancy and breastfeeding the baby.
  • Existence, mental illness and disorders.
  • Vegetative-vascular dystonia.
  • Hypertension and hypotension.
  • Age 17-ti (skin disorders possible risk), then 60 years old (due to the slowdown, all recovery operations).
  • Last tan.

Facial skin care after laser

After each session you should be able to care for the skin look. During this time he activated his cells renewal process. And they went, and in a certain mode to be followed simple rules.

skin care after the procedure

Use moisturizers and creams throughout the 2 week don't forget about hyaluronic acid mask-based hyaluronate.

Impose cosmetic facial permissible day, but that was different, easier, and less oily composition. Exfoliating scrubs and forget the value but return until the natural color of epidermis.

Occurring Hyperpigmentation Creams to protect from the sun's rays – because they needed especially after treatment, the skin vulnerable includes. The necessary sun protection creams with SPF 30, and more.

Helps to speed up the healing process after laser action with the use of the intervention vitamin complex, washing, boiling, and ozonated water, walking in open air.

Correct skin care will help keep received positive results after this laser rejuvenation procedure.

Possible effects of laser rejuvenation

Laser Skin Rejuvenation whether a mass may be positive, and side effects. From time to time are seen:

the possible effects after the procedure
  1. Appearance a slight itching.
  2. Education is very bright red spots in the region of the laser effect.
  3. Activation of herpes.
  4. Skin integrity do not violate their exfoliation, burns, shell formation.

In most cases, these symptoms after a few days passes. Some patients don't have any of the effects the data because all of the structure and skin sensitivity are completely different.

A fairly rare patient group (give them a little more 4%) procedure, laser facial rejuvenation triggered the emergence of language negative points:

  1. Leather, seborrhea, which is curved, a completely white snake (this miniums).
  2. Scars or keloid scars that remained after the procedure.
  3. Leather to produce pigment start strongly, causing him to hyperpigmentation.
  4. Its activation was very pale and rash (prevention drawn though).

The negative side of the hardware laser technique

Most rejuvenating procedures, the laser method has its own pros and cons. Negative aspects are as follows:

  1. Laser facial rejuvenation, not able to cope, all the wrinkles.
  2. The effects are done with the laser machine, it's just a shallow mimic wrinkles.
  3. If you have scars, if you processed them several times, Session 3 Laser operations are allocated to the process with semi-annual intervals.
  4. Longer to heal, you will need more than 2 weeks, the skin healed. Is that the sun appears during this time is prohibited. Laser creams and ointments special effects necessary to handle the plots.
  5. Many patients feel pain, not a help, even painkillers.
  6. If you have skin damage (e.g., acne), a secure laser rejuvenation has been postponed.

How often do you have to do laser facial rejuvenation?

how often to do the procedure

Various regions of the southeast face laser rejuvenation (or SMS-rejuvenation) procedure is the latest generation of laser skin resurfacing is a popular method at a time slowly.

Recommended course should consist of an experienced cosmetic laser matte effect on the skin for at least five procedures, five days diverging pauses. However, there is an opportunity to create individual programs, considering the unique characteristics of the skin of the sick. Maybe this program is to develop an expert dermatologist.

The most important positive changes (the frequency of shallow wrinkles skin smoothing emotion, development, painting, structure, skin), usually visible 3-4 days after first session.

Fully crossed course, a laser rejuvenation and wrinkle removal in contributing to a significant softening folds, scars, fissures, pores, age spots and skin to create the effect of removing a full troubleshooting.

Gives the effect of facial rejuvenation in the Southeast continuously for several years. The minimum acceptable efficiency, observed for a year. As we have seen, never drawn to a woman, beauty care, turns out to be more effective.

The age limit is almost there. (17), the method is equally good, and half the young girls you need to get rid of a dream, then the remaining acne and youth and attractiveness for women who want to leave to mature for a long time.

Post-rehabilitation, laser rejuvenation may take 7 to 14 days (depends on the complexity, and some sort of laser effect accurate flaw).

Tactical correct after the operation

after Operation tactical

The importance of facial rejuvenation, with laser most customers underestimate. They mistakenly believe that the final outcome pre-determined, not only skill, doctor. But the truth is that beauty requires in the office that emerged as a procedure, then maintenance. Then it is done correctly, the resulting effect will continue for a long time.

After the procedure, warns beauty – soon is contraindicated:

  • Affects the body water or steam – swimming pool, sauna, steam bath.
  • Your skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation – sunbathing, solarium, on the beach.
  • Aggressive character to perform Beauty Treatments, peels, dermabrasion.
  • Antibiotics, hormones, drugs.
  • Actions speed, promote blood circulation, its flow, facial massage, and exercise.
  • Preferably outdoors. The processed skin is very sensitive: skin condition can have negative impact environmental effects.
  • In addition, it is contraindicated to use decorative cosmetics for the first time. This provision in particular, practice questions, and tons of money.

Dexpanthenol should be applied to the patients skin specific drugs that are part of existing. The drug must be deployed right in the middle .. etc .. etc for a similar irritation red spots on his face skin, typical procedures received. When the cover normal color, complexion cream with hyaluronic acid to help restore a beautiful composed.

Compress to perform any, especially alcohol is absolutely contraindicated! Process in place if the shell formed – no, reject him, combed. Bacterial infection increases the risk of integrity violations.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation – pass manipulation is not ready for inject and those that want an alternative to plastic surgery. Complete elimination of a defect, the number of individual sessions required for different patients. A beauty of meaning to them, so you will need to visit him personally: speech online – an invalid option to get advice.


Laser facial rejuvenation: what is this? This cosmetology — qualified burning and mastering require the development of methods of using the subject field bezoperatsionna-burning devices. Consumers are more and more used Services, Beauty, rejuvenation, laser gets a contradictory assessment.

It is a very painful process for some people, other — magical fighting method with old age. Laser facial rejuvenation, comments about, which is very contradictory, it's a process much easier to tolerate.